Yarn Magnetic Separator for Tantalum Ore Processing Kenya

Yarn magnetic separator is the specialized beneficiation equipment for limonite.With the magnetic intensity higher than 1200GS and the large gradient, the equipment uses less power and has stable performance.The series of the equipment is used for the separation of lower grade limonite;it can increase 5~15 grades one-off.This equipment is a good solution to solve the following problems:can’t smelt in the stove, difficult to sale of the low grade limonite.It produces a wide market for the low grade ore and considerable economic benefit.With high investment return, the equipment is the good project which costs less investment and gets profits fast.

Yarn Magnetic Separator Working principles

The 0.5~5mm raw ore is sent into the feeding funnel, through the vibration cloth of the motor, the output can be adjusted accurately by the handwheel.Through the adjustable speed motor, the magnetic roller is driven; andthrough the control speed watch, the rotate speed changes. Thus control the output and the grade of the concentrates.

The mine is sent into the conveyor belt, because the particles of the limonite with magnetism, they are immediately absorbed on the magnetic roller by the strong magnetic field.On the contrary, the gangue grain (miscellaneous stone, sand) with no or weak magnetism, the strong magnetism of the magnetic roller can’t produce suction. With the rotation of the magnetic roller, the particles are all the while absorbed on the roller. When the roller moves to the front position, the gangue grainsare thrown out in the front of the ore-separation plate (by changing the size of the ore-separation plate to adjust the grade of the clean ore), and the ore grainsarecontinuously taken to the magnetic-off area through the magnetic roller. Then they will fall into the ore bucket to be collected to be concentrates.Because there are other magnetism particles among the gangue grains dropped from the upper magnetic roller, they will enter into the below magnetic roller to be continuouslymagnetic separated. The end product particles which through the magnetic separation enter into the secondary ore bucket to be selected into end products. The thrown gangues are discharged from the tailing discharge, thus the magnetic separation process is over.

Yarn Magnetic Separator

Yarn Magnetic Separator

The constitution of the Yarn Magnetic Separator

The separator is mainly includes the cylinder, magnetic system, trough body. The cylinder is made of non-magnetic stainless steel plate, and the surface is covered with wear-resistant material(rubber or copper) to avoid the cylinder wear, and which facilitate the attachment of the magnetic minerals.The magnetic system is usually composed of 3~5 magnetic poles.Every pole has permanent magnet blocks and magnet guide plate.The magnetic system is fixed on the cylinder shaft while it won’t rotate when it works.Polespolar alternating along the circumferentialdirection, along the axial unchanged. Magnetic wrap angleis 106 °- 107 °.The whole magnetic system deviates to the discharge port of the concentrates.The declination of the magnetic system?the angle between mid-line and vertical line?is 15 °-20 °and it can adjust.The trough body is made of non-magnetic material or hard plastics plate. The bottom is the mine feeding area including a overblowing pipe to regulate the pulp density, meanwhile it can overblow the pulp into the loose suspension state in order to raise the separation index.Upside the trough body there is floor with a rectangular hole to outflow the tailings.

Yarn Magnetic Separator Manufacturer China

Shanghai Zenith Machinery Co., LTD has been engaged in the research of the flotation mineral equipment and independent develop the SBMYarn magnetic separator which enjoys high evaluation at home and abroad.Our products are exported to Africa, the Americans, Europe, and there are branches in India, South Africa, Malaysia, Pakistan, Yemen,and Libya. High quality service is provided to the clients and all of our products have passed the certification of ISO: 9001 International Quality System.